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Ensmart Pro Wireless Detector

Ensmart Pro is a wireless gas detector independently developed and designed by Ensmart technology. It is designed in accordance with the most stringent intrinsic safety standard and IP65 protection grade, and can be used in zone 0 and zone 1. The equipment is compatible with self-developed MEMS sensor, PID transmitter and electrochemical gas transmitter, which can realize low power consumption detection and high-precision measurement. The device supports different wireless protocols, including 212 environmental protocols. At the same time, Ensmart Pro continues the independent battery power supply mode, and is compatible with the factory power supply, which can be flexibly selected according to user demand.
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Product Characteristics
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Product characteristics


Take the lead in using MEMS sensor, low power consumption, high precision

Compatible with GPRS, LoRa, NB-IoT and other wireless transmission modes

Built-in explosion-proof battery, power supply up to one year, compatible with industrial electricity

This safety explosion-proof, can be used in zone 0 / zone 1

IP65 protection level

With the Internet of things data platform, monitor data anytime and anywhere

The built-in miniature sampling pump can be used for portable gas detection


Applicable solution


Industrial gas pollutant grid detection solution

Major hazard source online detection and control system solution

Chemical district monitoring and early warning solution


Typical applications


Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, metallurgy, spraying and printing industries


Detection of gas VOCs, toxic gas, oxygen, flammable and explosive gas, etc
Detection range 0~1ppm up to 0~10000ppm, other range can be customized
The resolution of the To the lowest1ppb
Margin of error ≤±5%FS
size 109*160*60mm
The shell material Engineering plastics, rubber
Sampling methods Diffuser/built-in pump
Protection grade IP65
Resistance to electromagnetic radiation EMI/RF level: GB/T17626.3
certification CCEP
voltage The input voltage24V
Calibration method Automatic zero marking (if used in conjunction with Ensmart carp-1000)
Response time (T90 seconds) 20s
The wireless module LoRa module;GPRS module;NB - IoT module
Communication co., LTD. RS-485
power <250mW(No built-in pump)
Working temperature - 20 ℃ to 50 ℃
The service life of the Five years;One year warranty

Related to the case

Real-time online detection of pharmaceutical and chemical VOCs, launched in June 2017
Project background: realize VOCs disorganized leakage monitoring, and master the concentration distribution and variation rules of VOCs in the region
in real time
Detection factor: TVOCs
Arrangement points: 8 ensmart-pro gas detectors
Monitoring effect:

Achieve the overall monitoring of VOCs gas concentration in the plant

Dynamic analysis of leaked data

VOCs emission point traceability

High-density spots are distributed to generate regional concentration thermal map and understand the on-site VOCs concentration distribution

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