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Sensing Technology
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Sensing semiconductor material preparation technology

  Due to its own core sensing semiconductor material technology, SNC is the first company in the world to realize the mass production of ultra-low power consumption (micro-watt level power consumption) VOCs gas sensor.
Based on the carbon nanotube semiconductor gas-sensitive materials independently developed by inst technology, a variety of functional carbon nanotube gas-sensitive materials are developed through surface functionalization.High sensitivity to VOC gas can be achieved by bridging carbon nanotubes between the interfingered electrodes (3um interfingered spacing) and coating materials uniformly attached to the surface.Different modification materials determine the response to pollution with different VOC characteristics, and together, they further improve the sensitivity, selectivity and stability of the sensor.Compared with traditional gas sensors, this series of sensors have such excellent characteristics as micro-power consumption, micro-size, low cost, high stability, anti-interference and so on.
Inst is based on CNT gas sensitive material sensor
 Now for these sensing materials technology, because technology has been more independent research and development and type of ultra-low power consumption VOCs gas sensor chip, including benzene content VOCs gas sensing chip, C9 and 12 kinds of VOCs gas sensing chip, hydrocarbon VOCs gas sensing chip, halogenated hydrocarbon VOCs special perception chip and universal VOCs gas sensing chip.As shown in the figure below:
Gas sensing category independently developed by inox technology